Liquor Licensing

The alcoholic beverage industry is heavily regulated. The numerous pitfalls and complications have even the most meticulous business owner questioning how to navigate the system. We specialize in legal services for the alcoholic beverages and hospitality industry. Our office works closely with our clients to develop specific strategies for your business. We take you step-by-step through the application process, neighborhood outreach, as well as, appearing before various governing bodies and committees to acquire all of your necessary licenses and permits. Whether you are opening a brewery, bar, package store, or restaurant, our office will handle the complex process from start to finish.
Staying in compliance with all regulations and avoiding the plethora of prohibited business practices established by these same regulations is the most cost effective way to prevent an interruption to your business. You will avoid the costly imposition of sanctions, such as suspensions and fines.  Significant time is spent, and should be spent, by members of the alcoholic beverages industry to understand and comply with these regulations.  Our office will save you time and provide a clear path in navigating through these regulations.

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